Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Testing 1-2-3

Okay, so here is my new watermark...been playing aroung with my Bamboo Fun tablet this afternoon and boy was it FUN :D!!  Here is what I created for my watermark, let me know what you think?? 

I guess I had better explain why a cat, well see the coffee images were being already used on several blogs and so had to choose something else.  I chose this cute kitty, because in College all my friends called me "Cat" and some even do to this day even that is why I chose the cat :D!  I am also trying to create a signature for my blog too, but am having issues with the size of what I did



Tracy.H said...

Very cute! You should use it as your signature too. :0)

mudmaven said...

I love it! So cute. I need to get off my behind and get some stuff done like watermarks and signatures and new background for my blog - you've inspired me to get moving! ~chris