Thursday, January 8, 2009

Card from Julie

My dd and I had a playdate at Julie's this morning, but plans changed quickly as the morning progressed  so I had to postpone or cancel our playdate. This morning as I was dropping off my middle child off to his preschool, he collided with his little sister and landed on top of her because he wasn't watching where he was going. Anyways, she had blood coming out of several places in her mouth and was complaining of her nose hurting...I decided to take her to emerg. for the big gash in her bottom lip and her upper front teeth were bleeding. So better to be safe than sorry right?? 

*SIDE NOTE: They should give out frequent flyer miles  there at the hospitals...if they did I would be flying all over the world by now with the number of times I am there!!
We got there, we were seen almost right away and the dr. said that she is okay just has a gash in her lip which they don't do anything about unless the teeth went right through the lip.  But her face is really swollen now from her nose down to her chin, and she isn't very hungry either...I have a very snuggly girl here.  Just as we were leaving the children's hospital, Maiah asked about going to Julie's house still...I was debating about it just because she needed to stay relatively quiet. 
In the end we did goto Julie's and had a great morning filled with Dora dolls and other Dora toys :)!  Thank you so much for lunch and the playdate Julie :)!  Julie made me this beautiful butterfly card (of course it had butterflies on it...tee hee), I LOVE it and am going to put it on my wall in my crafty area. 



Deborah March said...

Oooohhh, poor wee Miaih! I'm glad she was able to play at Julie's hosue, at least that was a little diversion for her.