Friday, January 30, 2009

My first star book using Nestabilities

Thank you Kim for this neat idea to use your Nestabilities (Large Scalloped rectangle), so I decided to give it a try...bare with me here, this is my first go at one. Had a few issues with it, but think I will make more :D!  This book isn't done yet, still needs work done to it...but I thought I would share what I had done with you :)!  I need to visit one of my usual crafty stores first before this project can be totally completed...

So while I am waiting for the pictures to upload, I thought I would share with you my mornings start it off I really didn't want to get out of bed would have been safer if I stayed there.  Then I forgot my son's Early Interventionist was coming here this morning, that is until I heard her pull in the driveway. *GACK* the house isn't clean and I am not ready for company...clothes are in the laundry baskets in the hall way. I tore around the house doing what I could to make it look presentable...well in the process of doing that I slammed my dd's bedroom door on my knuckle of my ring finger on my left hand. Didn't I get a slice of skin peeled back, thought it went down to the bone and I really didn't want to look so I grabbed a paper 
towel. Then ran to get the door...where I explained to her what happened to my finger and to hang on a few minutes while I did first aid on myself.  There is a large layer of skin that I managed to put back, but the problem is now there is what looks to be a large blood blister or something there.  My poor perhaps this is why I was having problems with my star book I made. Lol, oh well...going to get more ice to put on it in the mean time.