Friday, January 16, 2009


Yep, today is  my oldest child's bday...he is 7 years old :)!  HAPPY BDAY sweetie :)!!!  He is having his friends over tomorrow for a Bday party, there will be 8-9 children here so it will be interesting and will take pics for sure to post.

Lol, okay so now for the explaination for those scraps across my son's face...poor guy :(! We have a "sled/tube" run down the side of our driveway (which is a bit of a hill), and the kids just love it.  So he got home after school with the little boy I look after (2 days a week), they wanted to go tubing down the run. Which is fine because it
 was a beautiful day, and the run is still in pretty great shape.  So his little friend went down first, then the tube decided to not let my son go down on it and flipped him over and it sat on him going down the hill. Sadly my guy didn't remember to lift his face out of the snow, so here we are left with these scrapes down his face...not so good for the Bday boy. 



Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday to your dear boy! He sure looks happy despite those scars. Hope he has a fabulous celebration! :)

Auntie Erin said...

Poor Isaac :( What a shame - and the day before his birthday! Hope it's a good one anyway

Deborah March said...

HANDSOME little birthday those EYES!!!

Tracy.H said...

Poor thing...well looks like he is still a happy kid though...Hope he has a super fun bday party tomorrow! :0)