Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby card

My mom and dad had a neighbourhood xmas party at their house this past weekend, they found out that their next door neighbour is expecting their first child in August.  So I came up with this wonderful card for her neighbours, lol, kind of took it upon myself to make it before my mom asked me to make one for them. I LOVE this set :D!

The patterned paper that you see, that looks like a baby blanket, is a rather old piece of patterned paper that I got when my oldest son was born to use in his baby scrapbook. Lol, so I can't tell you where I got it from because it was almost 7 years ago when I got it...which at least narrows it down to it NOT being Michael's :p!
Oh yeah, I must tell you how I did the sky around the "clothes line"...I used what I call my wooden daubber and I just daubbed the color all over the stamped image. It kind of made it look like clouds/ sky...neat eh?? 



Julie Mutch said...

This is just sweet, Catherine. The new parents-to-be will love it, I'm sure! Sweet of you to think of them. :)

Looking forward to seeing ya on Thursday. Take care and see ya then. The coffee pot will be on! lol :)