Friday, January 9, 2009

Ahhh, that is much BETTER

So I kinda, sorta scrapped the last card I posted and I was able to take off the wreath without causing any harmful/long lasting damage to it :)!  Then I created a much better card, and am also very thrilled with this card too :D!! I really wasn't happy with the last card, and just HAD to redo it...sorry I also removed that post from my blog too...cuz the card was not good...
This is the Festive Frills stamp set by CTMH, it is nice but it seems that I haven't very many ideas for this set yet:p!!



mudmaven said...

I saw that first one before you removed it and this one is definitely much better. The card base really compliments the image now. Cool! ~chris

Corie said...

This is so pretty, love it