Monday, June 29, 2009

Bday card for Grandad

Here is the card that I created for my dh's Grandad's Bday, he LOVES to fish and loves anything to do with the sea/outdoors. Thought this would be a great card for him :)! I also was told to add a fish (the orange one) my son's fish that is at my inlaws house living in their pond, and it's name is Goldie.
The fish that is on the hook, is actually raised up off the card using dimensionals...I know it is hard to tell from this angle. Grandad LOVED his card, he couldn't stop smiling and laughing :)!

Inky Hugs,

HAPPY 84th Bday Grandad

My hubbies Grandfather's is celebrating his 84th Bday today, the 3 kids and I are heading over to his place for the open house they are having there all day. HAPPY BDAY GRANDAD :)! Myself and the 3 kids are heading over there this afternoon, to help celebrate...had to do a few things first:
1) get oldest up and on his bus to goto school and get his report card
2) wait for oldest to come home
3) bathe 2 smallest children
4) make bday card

It is also official now, my son is going into grade 2 :)!

Inky Hugs,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun in the Rain

She was determined to have her brother's umbrella, and also determined to put it up herself!

"NO, I DO IT MOMMA!" she says as it started to go from sprinkles to light rain, so we just have to try harder to get the umbreall up but....

Well, forget that idea...I will just go under it whether it is open or not!! I couldn't stop laughing, because it was just a funny/odd sight to see :)! Yep, that's my girl...being creative :p! I still laugh when I see this picture...

Inky hugs,

Fun outside

Love those pigtails I did for my dd, I didn't pull them out all the way so they look like loops :)! She just loves them like this, so do the bugs though...poor thing has bug bites all along her hair line and backs of her ears :(.

"Here I am Mommy!" she hollers as I took this picture...she just loves being miss independent and loves to make sure I can see all her new talents.

She is trying to sneak down the stairs to go over to the swings are, but sadly it has started to sprinkle and am sure torrential rains are to come shortly after. Can you tell sh
e thinks this is a fun game??

As she inches her way down the stairs...while checking back to see if I am watching or not and then great gails of laughter occur because I am right there watching her.

While I took the last pic of my dd going down the stairs, I hear a call for me...I turn to see my middle son E* calling for me to take some pictures of him. He just kept hollering "What about me?" Lol, so I took some of him too :)!

Once, I took that one...he said "MORE!" and so I took one more...especially since he isn't one for having his picture taken often...

One tired little girl...

Inky hugs,

Flower girl dress

My dd in her flower girl dress, she is going to be in my sisters wedding as am I am my boys too :)! Here is the dress my dd will be wearing, we just had to try it on to see if it fit or needed to be altered. It is a bit big for her right now, but will definitely fit her for the wedding that is at the end of glad we don't have to deal with altering her dress.
As you can see she can't seem to keep her hands off that pretty sash/bow...the only thing that
is going to change is the sash, we are making a pink one to match the sash on the bridesmaids dresses. Gorgeous dress though :)!

See what I mean?? Lol, hands off
the she just thinks that it is funny :p!

Inky hugs,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Monday, June 22, 2009

more bday pics

Here are some more pictures from my son E*'s Bday party that I wanted to share with you :)! Here is a picture of Julie and her dh Jim
outside on our frontlawn taking in the fun whacking of the pinata.

My dd is going in for a swing, but the stick is a whole lot heavier than she thought...couldn't whack it very well. But boy did she ever try her hardest to do it herself :p!

Here's the Bday boy, finally he let me take his picture which he wasn't wanting me to do earlier...

Thought Julie's daughter looked like a movie star wearing those sunglasses :)!

Looked like she was going to give a BIG hug to someone...

Bday boy opening some of his gifts....

My mother in law reading my dd a story, wanted to get a good picture of these two since a photo op like this doesn't happen often :).

Getting ready to blow out the candles....

Had to show you one more cute pic :)!

Inky hugs,

Bday pics

Here is the cute couple (my oldest and Julie's oldest), still quite together (as far as I know) and are writing eachother little notes telling eachother how much they like the other. Too cute :)! They are always so thrilled to see eachother, since they goto different schools...

Here is one of E*'s best friend, just hanging out and being silly in our living room with the older two kids :)!

This is the youngest of Julie's dd's, she was outside on our back deck playing in the sandbox/water table.

Daniela out playing in the sandbox with Julie's daughter, she is just turned 3 and is good friends with my dd. Apparently she is starting to really like my son E* :p!

Here is Julie's dh (Jim) trying to win over my dd, my dd isn't too sure of Jim even though he gave her some pretty beads which she was so thrilled about. But that apparently wasn't good enough for her...she is still leary of him. Jim thought he would try to win her over with some "Ringalo's", the chips that you can slide onto your finger like a ring.

Here are the girls just hanging out "baking cakes" they
told me in the sandbox/water table on our back deck :)!

It is hard to believe all our kids are growing up so fast, but it is good that they have become good friends :).

Here is my nephew, he's 1 years old now...and
what a fella he is :)! He and his parents came down this weekend, to visit family and also his dad was here to help build the church camp I have been telling you about. So my nephew, his mommy and Nana all came out here to help celebrate E*'s bday...they were also the one's to bring the Bday cake out to us too.

Here is E*'s reaction to his Wall-e Birthday cake, lol, I think he liked it what do you think????

Couldn't believe how enthrawled with the cake...

Here is another cute pic of my nephew, he was watching all the kids run around him and the adults drinking coffee (which he wanted).

Handsome fella...with some new teeth :)!

Inky Hugs,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My middle child's bday cake

My friend Jenn went to pastry/cake/cooking school, and has decided to start a small biz for herself making cakes/cupcakes etc. I asked her if she could make my son's 5th bday cake, which he wanted a Wall-e cake for and here is what she came up with!! I had a hard time cutting it, would have rathered frame it :p!

Have a few photos to share with you from his bday party, but will put them in a different post :)!

Inky Hugs,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Teacher's Gifts

Here is what I came up with for my 2 son's teachers at school, I used the Cuttlekids "School Days" die set that I picked up from PhotoMemories. Worked perfectly :)! I got the paperclips, the notebook, and the notepads from Staples...they weren't expensive too which was the best part.

My oldest, wanted me to do something different for his teachers basket...he wanted me to put in a notebook that she could write in. So here is what I found for his teacher :)!

I have also decided to add in a little bag of chocolate chip cookies for their teachers too, thought a edible treat would be nice :)! I am also making 2 small bags of chocolate chip cookies for our 2 bus drivers :)!

Inky Hugs,

My middle child Graduated from Preschool

Here is my middle guy, last night he graduated from Preschool :)! What a great graduation, I would have to say it was the BEST graduation I have been to yet...because the kids sang the alphabet while signing. The other preschool class danced/sang a song, and also sang "The Great Rocky Candy was too cute and funny :)!
Congratulations E* :)!

Inky Hugs,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Inky Hugs,

The little project I recieved from Louise for the 3D challenge

Here is the little project I recieved from Louise for our "3D challenge"last night at supper, cute isn't it :)!

Here is the inside of the little book, there are 3 "pages" in it...but WOW what a beautiful job she did on this little book. Thank you so much Louise, always LOVE your work :)!

Inky Hugs,

my projects

Lol, okay so that was weird...I managed to get my pictures I couldn't upload onto my computer now working!! The first two pictures are of my "3D Challenge", I took 2 at different angles so you could get the full effect of this little project. For this project I used the largest square scalloped Nestabilities, I also used the square classic Nestabilities for the cutting of the Vellum and the stamp I used is from the SU stamp set called "Embrace Life".

I took this other picture of this project looking down on it at an angle :D! I also punched holes using my hole puncher on each scallop to make it a little more elegant looking. I did that after I took these pictures though :p!

Here is the card I made for Kim for her Birthday, and I sadly didn't have time to take pictures of the other 4 cards that I made...sorry...I waited until the last minute to make the cards and project. Not a good idea I know, not going to do that again that is for sure...was too stressed out!!

Inky Hugs,