Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last night's gals night out

Last night I went out with the usual crafty night gals, we went out to a restaurant called "Wok Box" to celebrate 5 Birthdays that are in the month of June. Sadly 2 of the gals couldn't make it out, you were missed that is for sure *HUGS*! We had lots of laughs (reading the fortune cookies, and Julie's reaction to a butterfly card that Kim made), and we left with VERY full yet satisfied bellies :).

We still had our challenge project to do, and this months challenge was to make a 3 dimensional project (it didn't have to be a card). Was going to show you mine, but my silly card reader isn't liking the card I put in it so will have to get it onto a disk at the grocery store tomorrow morning and post the pictures then. We also brought all of our "movie themed" cards as well, tried to guess what movies we chose...some of them were difficult but I think that was because of our age :p (me being the youngest).