Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photo shoot

My parents Anniversary (as well as my dh's and my 9th) is coming up on the 17th of June, I needed a gift idea for them. I am lucky in that my parents don't come on here to see what is going on, so it is safe to post things I might be making for them :p! So I decided to have a photo shoot out in my front yard, let me tell you that was a VERY interesting experience...nearly developed a twitch in my right eye. Why?? Well, see my lovely dd decided to do her own thing and NOT smile or look at the camera...then there was the two boys who:

a) couldn't keep their fingers away from their face
b) couldn't stop looking at the other sibling that was not looking at the camera
c) or they couldn't stop playing with the grass around them
d) or they just looked away to see who was passing by our house

Which is okay since this is what to expect I am sure when taking pictures of kids their age together!! Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took this afternoon :)! I am thinking about framing a few of these pictures for my parents, since they are always wanting to have updated pics of the kids. I will have to figure out something else to go with the pictures though...any ideas?? I have done coasters, I have done albums for them...

I also took seperate pictures of the kids
too, incase I wanted to do 2-3 different frames with each child in one. Here is one I LOVE of the boys, my oldest looks a lot like my dh did when he was younger and my middle boy looks like I did at his age (however I had long curly hair).

This picture is of all of them, together at an angle and I just don't know which picture of the 3 of them to use...which one do you think I should use??? Here is the first picture ----------->

<---------Here is the second one, lol!

And here is the 3rd picture, lol, the only reason she finally smiled in this picture is becauses a silly bird flew right by her. Don't even talk to me about my son's tongue sticking out ------------->

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

Love, love, love the pic of your two boys!

Even though your daughter is not looking at the camera and your sons has his tongue out? I love the last is just a natural pic. :0)

Yvonne said...

I too, like the last picture, dd not looking at the camera, tongue out but it captures the real kids!