Monday, June 22, 2009

Bday pics

Here is the cute couple (my oldest and Julie's oldest), still quite together (as far as I know) and are writing eachother little notes telling eachother how much they like the other. Too cute :)! They are always so thrilled to see eachother, since they goto different schools...

Here is one of E*'s best friend, just hanging out and being silly in our living room with the older two kids :)!

This is the youngest of Julie's dd's, she was outside on our back deck playing in the sandbox/water table.

Daniela out playing in the sandbox with Julie's daughter, she is just turned 3 and is good friends with my dd. Apparently she is starting to really like my son E* :p!

Here is Julie's dh (Jim) trying to win over my dd, my dd isn't too sure of Jim even though he gave her some pretty beads which she was so thrilled about. But that apparently wasn't good enough for her...she is still leary of him. Jim thought he would try to win her over with some "Ringalo's", the chips that you can slide onto your finger like a ring.

Here are the girls just hanging out "baking cakes" they
told me in the sandbox/water table on our back deck :)!

It is hard to believe all our kids are growing up so fast, but it is good that they have become good friends :).

Here is my nephew, he's 1 years old now...and
what a fella he is :)! He and his parents came down this weekend, to visit family and also his dad was here to help build the church camp I have been telling you about. So my nephew, his mommy and Nana all came out here to help celebrate E*'s bday...they were also the one's to bring the Bday cake out to us too.

Here is E*'s reaction to his Wall-e Birthday cake, lol, I think he liked it what do you think????

Couldn't believe how enthrawled with the cake...

Here is another cute pic of my nephew, he was watching all the kids run around him and the adults drinking coffee (which he wanted).

Handsome fella...with some new teeth :)!

Inky Hugs,