Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learning how to push people on swings

Hurray for E*, he is learning how to push people gently on a swing :)!  Before he'd push so hard you'd get dumped off the swing, or it was like he is hitting you which one who wants to be pushed on a swing doesn't want.  Whenever it is sunny out, we are outside playing in our yard and so I broke the "pushing someone on a swing" steps down for him. 

Then I took his hands into my hands, and I showed him how hard to do it but now it seems like he stands in one place and keeps his hands rigid. It was like the person on the swing hitting hard object, and they were...they were running into E*. Lol, but today he did very well...he pushed his lil sister without any problems and boy was he so proud of himself :)!

Here is the perfect push sequence he has had yet, and the best part is that she didn't mind either :)!

Inky Hugs,