Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun outside

Love those pigtails I did for my dd, I didn't pull them out all the way so they look like loops :)! She just loves them like this, so do the bugs though...poor thing has bug bites all along her hair line and backs of her ears :(.

"Here I am Mommy!" she hollers as I took this picture...she just loves being miss independent and loves to make sure I can see all her new talents.

She is trying to sneak down the stairs to go over to the swings are, but sadly it has started to sprinkle and am sure torrential rains are to come shortly after. Can you tell sh
e thinks this is a fun game??

As she inches her way down the stairs...while checking back to see if I am watching or not and then great gails of laughter occur because I am right there watching her.

While I took the last pic of my dd going down the stairs, I hear a call for me...I turn to see my middle son E* calling for me to take some pictures of him. He just kept hollering "What about me?" Lol, so I took some of him too :)!

Once, I took that one...he said "MORE!" and so I took one more...especially since he isn't one for having his picture taken often...

One tired little girl...

Inky hugs,


Tracy.H said...

So cute!! :0)