Monday, June 8, 2009

Lack of posting

Sorry, for not posting more in the past couple of days but on Friday morning my middle guy fell off our bathroom counter and put his teeth through his tongue (honestly thought he would have to go in for surgery).  I have never seen so much blood, poor guy...when he get's upset/hurt/frustrated he'll hum...he hummed for 3 hours to self regulate himself. 

I dropped off my dd over at Julie's house (luckily she was home and available), and then headed over to the children's hospital for several hours to make sure E* didn't have a broken jaw or other problems. They gave him a large dose of Tylenol, took xrays of his jaw, checked out his tongue wounds and chin cuts...they decided to not stitch up his tongue even though it was pretty bad.  Our orders were to keep him on liquid soft foods for the next couple of days, this limited us to:
~ice cream

Everything else was a no no.  He has to go see a dentist I think in the next couple of weeks though to make sure his teeth are okay from the impact they had, and he needed to go in anyways. Just waiting for the dentist to call this morning to figure out what is going on!! 
I was glad to hear that both Julie and M* had a great day together, they went for a long walk, checking out flowers, going to the grocery store and then walked back to Julie's house.  M* hasn't stopped talking about Julie yet, she keeps telling people she got her bandaid (which she won't take off) from Julie.  
I will be doing some crafty things this morning, since I have gotten behind on making cards here...and I HAVE to make a ton now.  Lol, so I will be back with more cards today :)!



Tracy.H said...

I hope your little guy is doing better! It is never a fun time when our kids get hurt...and especially when there is blood involved! Our oldest slipped on the floor once and cut her lip open on the trim between the carpet and lino. We took her to the clinic and they had to glue her lip back together...not fun. Big Hugs to you both!! :0)