Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great pictures of 2 of my 3

My oldest didn't want to be part of this photo shoot either, oh well...I will get him one of these days :)!  Here is my middle son's thinking pose, I just happened to catch him doing it when he was out by our playset.  LOVES when he does this, I always wonder what new and exciting adventures is he coming up with :).

He is watching his little sister try to blow dandilion seeds off, but sees she is having a bit of trouble with this! 

See what I mean??  Lol, she took big deep
 breaths and huffed/puffed until but it seems these dandilions were being stubborn.  

So she tried again, and again...she had a few seeds blow away which made her giggle but the problem was that she could only get them to do it 3 times and that was it. 

See how hard she is trying, lol, putting everything she had into it :)! 

Here is one of her BIG deep breaths that she took...

and here is the blow she gave after that BIG deep breath...

I have to show you this t-shirt I found at Frenchy's, it has a cute picture of a monkey holding a banana and it says "My brother is driving me banana's". Lol, couldn't leave it there...mind you it should have a 's there...since she does have 2 brothers ;)! 

Inky hugs,