Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Cardio Kickboxing Class

Wow!!! That was not like anything like I thought it would be, well the moves were but not the intensity...lol, I think we were all hoping for a nice intro to it. Nope, no intro really...we just jumped right in to what felt like novice or pro class (it did for me anyways). Did I say wow already?? Lol!!
There were 5 of us ladies plus the instructor (we all varied in age), I was the second youngest and was surprised that I was able to keep up...ok, sure we sometimes got confused with some of the moves but she said that we will get the hang of it very fast. I think we worked every single part of our bodies and then some, but just to give you an idea of which parts we did most def. exercised: hips, every part of our legs, arms, abs ( the whole time our abs were engaged-thinking that this means held tight or in...may be one of you can enlighten me). We even did exercises for our backs, shoulders and we all did this to the high beat of the dance music that she had going the whole hour. We also did stretches that I was not familiar with, to stretch out the back or even the exercises that we did to strengthen your back were new to me.
Yip, a full hour...must say that hour went by slower than I thought it would but I am actually looking forward to the next class :)! The teacher said that by the end of the 8 week classes that we will have our abs looking good and other parts that needed work...even loss of weight for some of us. I am not going to lose the weight, I am going to tone things up like I said in a past e-mail and I think that this class is def. going to do that for me especially if every class is going to be as intense as last nights. Lol, this has nothing on Curves!!
I got home last night a little sore in the legs and back and arms ok and even hips...I had a bath, and then went to bed...dreading the thought of what I would feel like today. To my surprise when my feet hit my bedroom floor, I didn't hurt...I have a faint ache but I do not hurt like I thought I would. I got up, got dressed, got my children dressed, and walked down to the school bus stop, son got on bus and the 3 of us walked home. Still I don't hurt :), which I am kind of excited about...lol, this might mean I am in better shape than I actually thought I was.
I highly recommend that you try out one of these Cardio Kickboxing classes, my instructor says she has 64-70 year olds doing her class...they are all over the place with their moves but they are there and are doing it. Lol, I am serious...try it...you might have a blast !! Well, that is it for Kickboxing story...will keep you posted as the 8 weeks happen :)! One thing I have to do is go get a few bandana's to keep my hair out of the way,lol, was ready to shave my head bald by the end of the class...don't worry, I wouldn't actually do that :p!

Have a super day :)!


Lorie said...

Hey, I just did a cardio kick boxing tape today at home! I love it...so much fun! Good job getting through the first day!