Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Card for a new friend

Last Tuesday I started to goto a Mom and Tot's group with my dd, since the boys are at school I thought it would be a great momma daughter thing to do. I have been seeing a mom with her little guy (about the same age as my dd), walking on our road and have been trying to "bump" into her at the grocery store. But as things would have it, it never happened...I know, I know why didn't I pull over and introduce myself??? Well, I am not that kind of momma to just pull over and do such a thing...but this mom I had been seeing is going to the same group we are and that is when we introduced ourselves :)...tee hee.

So today I thought that we wouldn't go since my lovely dd decided to be cranky today, but then I got a nudge saying that perhaps I had better go and that she would get better when we got there. Off we went with the slight chance she would still be nasty and cranky, but as luck would have it she was great and had a blast :)! The mom that I had been seeing on our road was there too, one of the other mom's asked her if she had anymore or if she was going to have more than her little guy. To that she said she only had her son, they also didn't want more as they think her little guy has Autism and will be going to be assessed soon! My ears perked up, lol, and so I just interjected tidbits here and there...next thing I knew the mom was next to me looking for help. She looked like she thought she was alone, that she didn't know what to do or where to go...so she asked me if we could get together soon. I told her sure, but that we would talk after the group...after the group she hurried off! Luckily, I know where she lives and if I got the wrong house I know her husband...he is our Pharmacist at our grocery store :)! I hurried home myself, whipped up this card and grabbed some chocolate chip cookies...hurried to their house to drop these goodies off. Her husband answered the door, told me that she was putting their little guy down for a nap, but that she couldn't stop talking about me and what I was telling her. He asked me if I had left my name and number with her, I told him it was all in the card :)!

So that my friends was my good deed for the day :D!

Inky hugs,


Christi said...

This is beautiful!!!