Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My sister's wedding

Wow, what an amazing time we had in Newfoundland at my sisters wedding....myself and my dd was in the wedding party (and no her hair didn't grow fast enough). The one thing we wish we had more of was time with the family, but the time just flew by too quickly and it was sad to leave everyone. I want to share with you a few pictures, I promise I will be good and only show a few...and will also tell you a bit about our trip :)!
First of all, I need to give you some background history so that some of my comments will make sense and you won't be left wondering what kind of crazy blogger I am. Lol! Okay, first of all I am adopted and this was my half sisters wedding we attended...follow me so far?? Great :D!

Here are my 2 sisters, posing for the professional photographer...and no I wasn't the photographer although I probably took just as many pics has he did. Oh yeah, I also photo shopped some of the pictures...as some of them looked better as black and white than in color.

Here is the beautiful bride trying to figure out how easy it was (n't) to move in her dress...lol, I think we all had trouble in this department with moving about.

My dd the flower girl, what an amazing job she did at the wedding and during all the photo's that were taken at the 6 different locations. Yes, you read it correctly we went to 6 different locations to have our pictures taken...lol. She had sparkle stickers all throughout her hair, one fell off so she kept sticking it on her nose or forehead. This is what she has in her fingers here in the picture...

Here is my middle man, lol, waving at my bdad (birthfather) A.K.A. Poppy or Pop :)! What a handsome fella, wearing one of the vests my mother in law made for the wedding...thanks Wendy for the amazing vests.

My BDad :)! Here is an amazing man, almost 8 years ago I called him told him that I thought I was his daughter...to only find out he was told by my bmom that she miscarried me. He was quite upset by this news, that I hadn't been miscarried and here I was after all these years on the other end of the phone talking to him. She did this so she didn't have to get him to sign the adoption papers, and so he carried on with life and separated from my bmom. Ever since that day he has accepted us, along with his family (wife and 4 kids) into their family with open arms :)! It has been like we have all known each other forever, but we haven't...it is hard to explain...lol.
He was so thrilled to finally meet all the kids, my husband and to finally meet me for the second time :)!

My dad, his wife and my sister in their backyard in the garden.

Here is my handsome oldest boy, in another vest my mother in law made for the wedding :)! This guy is going to be in grade 2 this year, boy is he excited...

My sisters again, just had to share this shot because it was one of my favorites :)!

Yep...here I am :p!

Okay, so this also might be one of my favorite pictures I took :)!

Here is my family, what an amazing bunch of people...I am truly blessed :)! When we were first there I thought our visit was going to be very awkward, and that it was going to be hard to meet the extended family. It wasn't hard at all, they were all so amazing to us...couldn't have asked for a better visit.
I didn't expect to come away with what I did come away with, I came away with the following feelings:

~I felt like it was right
~I felt like I was at home with them all
~I felt like I had found a missing piece of my life

It is hard to explain. It felt great to finally meet the people who I get most of my traits and characteristics from :)! My siblings and I got along really well too, have a few bruises from kicking around the soccer ball with my son I* and my brother Dane...

My dad and I

My brother Bradely and I :)! He had to walk me out, since he was taller than I...the other guys were a bit shorter than I.

Here is the whole wedding party, this picture was taken by another family member who was there for the pictures.

My dd wanted to dance, and she didn't want to dance with anyone else...she said she wanted to dance with Ethan. So there they are dancing out on the dance floor together, am so glad someone else was able to get this picture :)!
I miss everyone already, and so do the kids...hope to see some of them soon :)!

Inky Hugs,


Yvonne said...

Wonderful pictures. Sounds like you had a great time with your family.