Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafty night

For this months challenge we not only had to make a card for everyone attending, but we had to make a single layered card. Here are the cards I received from all the other crafty gals...

Julies card, has a Asian feel to this card.

Val's GORGEOUS card...stunning work Val :)!

Germaine's (the Birthday girl)card, LOVE what she did with her card...just beautiful.

Kim's funny card, cute card :)!

Deborah's card, LOVE IT :)!

Then we did two crafty projects, that Deborah and Kim came up and provided all the stuff to make it there. The first project we did was Deborah's and she taught us how to do a neat technique which I forgot the name of, will let you know once of of the gals there last night sees my post and responds to it :p. With Deborah's technique we got to take it home and complete the card or whatever on our own, thank you Deborah for the fun technique.

The next project was by Kim, and what a fun project it was to do :)! Thank you Kim, for this neat my boys want me to make a lot of these. Kim even provide
d treats to go
in these neat coffins...yummo :p!

Here is the inside of the coffin, and would
highly recommend using super tacky tape or the Sookw
ang double sided tape to put this project together.

Thanks for the fun night out gals, I know I REALLY REALLY needed it with school starting for Ethan...things have been kind of hectic and stressful :)!

Inky Hugs,