Saturday, September 5, 2009

First 3 Days of school

The first 3 days for my oldest went really well, and it seems that we have a great grade 2 teacher :)! He was also thrilled that some of his good friends (but not all) were in his class this year, and he was a little sad when he found out a little boy he thought was a good friend turned out to not be one.
My middle guy, had a rough start to that his learning center teacher misplaced him twice and it was good thing that I was there to find him. But the funny thing is he didn't know he was lost or even knew anyone was looking for him :p! Other than that I felt like I wasn't on the same page as his teachers were or the school...but by yesterday all my worries or most anyways were gone. His teacher called me to talk to me, she told me things I already knew but they were slowly or quickly learning about him:

~He will disappear at the drop of a hat, almost like he warps somewhere or beams somewhere else without any warning or any reason.

~He repeats himself a lot, in asking questions or saying statements, and giving answers

~ He needs a lot of redirection

~He stims when upset...he hums a lot

The school is providing him with an E.P.A. for 50% (that might increase), a monitor outside at lunch and recess...he goes to the learning center several times a day. He is being carefully observed, and monitored by the Autism team in our school...which is all great :)! I also was told his teachers will call me once a week, and I will be in touch via communication journal with his Learning Center teacher daily. So all in all I am now feeling like I am on the same page, and feeling better about the school :).

My poor dd, is feeling so lost without her big brothers around during the week...the first day she stood in the kitchen not knowing what to do...and expecting E* to come bounding into the kitchen to leap out at her. We are going to start going to a playgroup once a week at our local Family Resource center, and also going to play dates with friends.

Me I am doing okay, missing E* like crazy, I get my heart to jump occasionally thinking he has disappeared when in actual fact he hadn't been with me all day. It feels weird to give up "our routine", and let others deal with him and all his issues...something I am going to have to work on being okay with.

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

I think it is tough no matter your situation. Good luck with school this year though...hopefully you have a good team there helping out your son as well as you! :0)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Glad to hear things with the school and E are getting better and that they are making an effort to get to know him and keep open communication with you. ***HUGS***