Friday, March 13, 2009

Good News yesterday

Here is a quick story before I tell you about all our good news that we got yesterday :)!  My son that you see a picture of above, came over to me and told me "Mommy, you are the apple in my eye!" Then asked me if I had an apple in mine, lol...I am still laughing about that one (HAHAHAHA) :)!  He is a very literal child, so if you told him to hold his horses he'd tell you he doesn't have any horses and so how could he hold them.  
Yesterday morning, I had a meeting with my son's Early Interventionist and also a lady who is going to help us with our son's school transition. She also said she was going to goto our son's preschool to assess him herself (this doesn't mean that she can give a diagnosis), she will also be video taping him. Then she will send it to the dr's who assessed him in the first place, and she is going to express to them her concerns about him :)!  I am also borrowing my inlaws cam corder to do some of my own video taping of him, and then I will bring it with me to our appointment with those doctor's on April 29th.  I am thrilled to gain another advocate :)!  
I got home to find that in my mailbox was a letter from the IWK children's hospital's Neurology department, it is our information about our initial visit to the neurologist and our appointment is April 30th.  Hurray for that, didn't think it would be that soon :)!  Then I am not too sure how long our wait will be for the EEG to be done, or the battery of other tests to be done.  They also gave me a 6 page questionaire to fill out too, did I mention I am not a fan of these things but I do know they are to help the doctor's out. 
I also found out the doctor's who forgot to send in our referrals 6 months ago, contacted both departments the referrals were going to and explained the situation and managed to get them to agree to see us as soon as they could. Which is a whole lot better than another 6-9 months, still not impressed with this dr's office but at least they tried their best to fix it :)!  
Thank you everyone for all your kind words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers it means a lot :)!

Inky hugs,


Tracy.H said...

It sounds like things are starting to roll...a bit. Good luck with everything...and I truly hope you all get some answers and soon! He is one cutie! :0)