Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Indoor playground

Today, I dropped off my middle child at preschool (no they weren't closed for March break, they don't close for hardly anything) and then I took my other two children to do something fun.  My mother in law and I took them to a new indoor playground near my mother in laws house, it was great for my oldest son's age (7 years) and also great for the wee one's too.  Today, if you wanted to decorate Easter cookies the fee was cheaper and your playtime was we went with that option. 

 We sat down first and had a snack (Easter cookies, juice boxes for the kids, coffee for myself and my mother in law), then the kids went to play in the play areas.  The first area by the tables and cafe, was for 0-4  years of age
 (Toddlers according to the staff) and the other play area had a climbing structure which they called the Clubhouse was for the older children.

 In that same area they also had another area for the little one's to play while the parents were in the room looking after the older kids.  

In the clubhouse area they also had 2 small climbing walls there for the older children to try, which my son LOVED :).  So he wanted me to take 2 pictures of him climbing, and they also HAD to be at 2 different angles too. 



Erin said...

Oh my gosh - that is Ben, Ben, Ben!! Where is this Cat?