Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here's a card that I created for my new neighbours

My new neighbours have arrived, yesterday I made cookies (nice homemade chocolate chip one's). I went over last night, once the cookies had cooled off, but no one answered, so I went back this morning...again no one answered. Anywho, to make a long story short I made this little card to stick on their door so that when they were home they could call me so I could go over. When I went to put it on their door they were home, so I met them and they were really nice :) and they have a little boy who is 16 mos old. Looking forward to getting to know them :)!
This card was made from chocolate chip, white plain cardstock and some pink paper that I had purchased at my fav. little stamping store called "Carousel Rubberstamps". I used the dragonfly from the set called Tags and more I think??? I also used the $1.50 Michaels stamp to create the sentiment :)! Enjoy!


Julie Mutch said...

Very cute card! I have to break into those $1.50 M's stamps...I love the dragonfly, too! :)

Hope your neighbour decides to come tonight. Perhaps will hook another one into our group of cardmakers... tee hee, more hubby's to love us for getting their wives into spending lots of $! :)