Monday, June 25, 2007

Sheesh, I am on a crafty kinda kick here...

Thanks to a lovely phone conversation with Julie, I was reminded that I had to come up with another teacher gift for our children's pre-school teacher. Their last day is tomorrow, my son is sad that he might not see the love of his life again (that would be Julie's daughter)...he is also upset he might not see his other friends from preschool again either. Anyways, enough about my sons love life (tee hee- he is only 5)....I decided to create some lovely candles for this teacher, she isn't really his teacher...but the two classes are always together.

Here is my brief tutorial on making these kind of candles :)!

1. Get candles of any size, would be best to use round ones (I got these one's from the dollar store...shhhh, it's a secret)

2. Next I used tissue paper (the same color as your candle), I stamped my image onto the tissue paper.

3. Color your image in to your liking, then cut it out using your scissors.

4. Next take your stamped image on the tissue paper, place it where you want it to be on your candle.

5. Take some wax paper, put it over the stamped image on the candle and hold tight so there aren't any air bubbles. Use your heat embossing gun/dryer, to melt the wax from the wax paper onto the tissue will be able to tell when you've melted the image into the candle. It looks sort of glossy looking once you've melted the image into your candle, then carefully peel off the wax paper...make sure the image is melted into the candle. If it isn't just place the wax paper back over the image and heat until it is into the candle.

6. Now you have done your candle :)! Add ribbon or any sort of embellishment that you would like, or let it be like I did :)!


Anonymous said...

Cool candles Catherine. I've never done this technique so I may have to give it a try.

Corie said...

Really pretty candles. I bet the teachers will love them