Monday, June 4, 2007

Card Challenge :)!

Here is the site that I got the layout/color challenge from, I didn't have those colors that they wanted for me to I used my own colors, but did stick to the layout :D! The link for the challenges is, I highly recommend checking this site out. I also got a better picture of my card too, sigh...took a bit of playing with but I got it in the end :D!

For this card I used blue cardstock (base cardstock) from "Carousel Rubberstamp store", some embossed cardstock from Michaels that I picked up one day from them. I also used some blush cardstock from "Carousel"for the tag part of the card. as well and some white linen cardstock from "carouse"l too :)! I used "Go With the Grain" brown ribbon and also my fiskars corner punch for the corners of the blush colored tag. :)! I used the stamp from the "Best Blossom" Stampin' Up!" set, I don't know if any other flower stamp would have worked as well with this layout. Sorry for the very vague post of this challenge layout that I did, didn't have my morning Tims yet :p! I looked back at what I had posted, and felt I had to fix it :)!