Monday, June 25, 2007

Doing Yoga...ok, she's not but it looks like she is :)!

My lil dd, is learning how to crawl! She started about a week ago, she can only move backwards if she is on my kitchen floor...but if she is on carpet she can roll or also turn in different directions. She now has decided to take up Yoga, she is better than I am at it that is for sure :p! Here are some pictures to show you what I mean :)! She gets up on her hands and knees, or hands and feet, then looks around like ok now how the heck do I get down from here. Next, thing you see is her removing her arms out from under her self or her legs and then you here a little thump. She looks so shocked on the landing, poor thing...but she is so anxious to be able to chase after her two brothers!!! The first picture you see is of her, I like to call getting warmed, or chasing mommy trying to get her camera.

This next picture of her is her getting up onto her knees and hands so she can do her next cool move...which is her with her bum up in the air, and she is on her hands and feet.

Oh dear, now we are stuck!!


Tracy.H said...

What a cutie! :0)

Julie Mutch said...

You GO Maiah! You've gotta love seeing babies learning how to crawl! :) She is such a sweetie pie! Jim was glad to get in some baby holdin' time, too, at the ice-cream social on Tues. We have to live through everyone else's babies, now since we're done having children. lol :)

Corie said...

she is such a cutie