Friday, January 4, 2008

Crafty afternoon with the cousins

Here are the pictures that should have gone with the Crafty afternoon post, tee organized am I today :p! I will blame it on lack of sleep, my dd has decided to see how many all nighters she can do in a row and how many mommy will put up with :p!

This first picture is of cousin April, and my older son (they even had a team name, which I think was team "Bumblebee" from the movie Transformers of course). Their wooden project to work on was a birdhouse!

This next picture is cousin Nathan's girlfriend Stephanie, and my middle son working on their wooden project which was a helicopter (my son is a huge helicopter fan). Stephanie put it together with the help of my son, then he was to paint it...well, someone put food on the table and that was it for him. Forget the project, I am eating and I will paint later!

This next picture is of my mother in law (aka, Nana), my nephew who is visiting with his parents and sister for Christmas. My mil and my nephew were working on a police car, I believe that Nana did most of the work on it and my nephew was basically the cheering section. Plus, he was enjoying the snack someone had put on the table with one of my sons...what can I say they love their food/snack times :)!

Here is cousin April again, hanging out with my 2 boys, while we were waiting for the rest of the cousins to arrive...not all of the cousins could come due to 2 of them having chicken pox and one other cousin was exposed to the other two. This crafty afternoon was at Great Aunt Nancy's house, she is my dh's Aunt...thank you Aunt Nancy for this fun afternoon :)! We will have to try to do this again sometime when the other cousins are well...