Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sore Thumbs...

Who here has gotten lots of new stamp sets that you had to cut out?? Or who here has had to make a large amount of cards for someone or for some reason and by the time you are done your poor thumbs are sore beyone belief??? I am one of those people who come away with sore thumbs, if I am doing large quantity of cards, or when I have to cut out my stamp sets from SU. Anyways, the other day when I was out at my local Fabric store getting some fleece fabric to make my dd the blanket I posted on here the other day. I was on my way upto the cash register when I saw these beautiful scissors, and since I was a member I got them for a lot less...what a find I thought. I couldn't wait to try them out on some new rubber, on a new card and so when I got home I tried them out on a new stamp set (not an SU set)! This stamp set I tried it on is from Autumn leaves, I was surprised that these clear acryllic stamps weren't trimmed well. These scissors cut the rubber like it was cutting through butter, it was easy and my thumbs weren't aching after cutting out the stamps :)! The scissors aren't stiff or hard to close or open, and they also have a slide button on the side to lock the scissors closed. I must say that these scissors are better or rank up there with the cutting bee scissors that you can get from Michael's. I would highly recommend getting these scissors, especially for anyone who is a demo who offers to cut out their customers stamps for them (Yvonne these scissors are for you).
Have a great crafty day :)!