Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas at our house

Lol, again I know I am late posting these pics but I was busy with family things and now I am busy trying to clean up my house so that my parents can come for a sleepover tonight. Here's a picture of our tree that we cut from our backyard, and no it wasn't one of the trees that fell down in the last hurricane or in Juan. What a great tree :), and it was free...that was the best part because we weren't about to pay $30.oo for a tree...although I do still like the look of the farmed trees, but at the same time you don't know what they are spraying on them.

This next picture is of all our stockings hung by the chiminey with care :), my dh made those stocking holders since there were no hooks to put them on and I must say that he did a super job at making them too. My dh also cut off some branches for my mom and myself to use around the house, like on our mantles :)! I got the long strings of berry's from Wicker Emporium, a lot cheaper than Michael's, I got 4 long strands and some sprigs all for $20...where at Michael's you can't even get one for $20.