Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crafty morning

This morning myself and my 2 younger children were going to go for a playdate at a friends house, but her little one's aren't feeling well and they were up most of the night. I haven't seen these friends since way before Christmas, and I did have a Christmas gift for them but needed something for someone I hadn't intended on giving one too. Anyways, this moring I got up and made another one of the altered jars that I have been making for people for Christmas...then I got the phone call about not them being sick. We are going over there Friday if they are all feeling better :)! Lol, as I am sitting here typing this post up...I just realized I didn't give you the recipe for making that card I made yesterday for Alisa Tilsner's card sketch challenge *sigh*. I will post after I finnish doing this post :p!


Cardstock: Pointsetta Linen cardstock by Ek Success

Tin: the tin I got from Princess Auto, they are great tins :)!

Tools: Fiskars paper trimmer, Fiskars scissors and super tacky tape