Friday, January 4, 2008

blankie for my dd

I made this blanket for my dd to have around her when she is in the sled my Aunt gave her, I use this sled quite a bit (every morning actually) when I take my oldest son down to the bus stop. She has a cover that is fleece that came with the sled, but it isn't enough on these really cold days, and so this is what I made for her. Plus, I wanted a blanket for her to have on her at night because I am using the one that came with her crib for a bottom layer in her playpen for nap time. I found this beautiful fleece material at my local fabric store, will have to get more of this stuff fast, to make my sil's lil one who is on the way in May one.
I am being crafty, just not paper crafting...but not to fear I am going to be making lots of cards today I think :)!