Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday Party Pictures

Here's the Birthday boy, he doesn't look excited at all about his Birthday does he, lol ??...excited might just be an understatement, lol! Before the party, I went and picked up Julie's girls (Julie had to work) because in my son's eyes you can't have a party without these two very special girls...and then we played and got ready for the party. We also fell back in love again too, lol, on the way to my house, Julie's oldest informed me that when she told my son that they were going to get married that it was a joke and it wasn't for real. However, I think she forgot how much he meant to her because when she arrived here at our house she quickly remembered! She and my older son turned on a movie and sat side by side with an arm around eachother...she had her arm around his shoulder. Then when she heard that there were other girls coming, she really didn't want them to come and didn't want to meet them...so I think the engagement is still on, lol. I figured out that she just doesn't like people knowing about it, because they think it is funny and it is a secret...mind you the two of them don't hesitate to tell other people...not too sure how their version of a secret works, I think I will have to ask my son when he gets home from school today.

At 2 p.m. was when all 9 children, yes 9 plus my other 2....thought it would be complete chaos...it wasn't at all I was shocked. They all just stood there looking at me, which I wasn't expecting, I thought they would go off and play/run around etc...but they didn't. We had cake, party mix, drinks first and then we went and opened all the gifts (I think this was done in record time) with the help of all his friends. Next, we dressed all the children in their hats, coats, boots, mittens, hats to go outside to hit a pinata (not sure of spelling). Then they played out there for another 10 minutes, and then we all came back inside ot play with the new toys....plus, wait for all the parents to come get the children. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that this was a Transformer Birthday party, well except for the Lightening Mcqueen Pinata.

Once everyone went home (except for Julie's girls), we cleaned up all the paper and other things so that I could get ready for supper...we invited Julie and her girls to stay for supper. My 2 older children, and Julie's 2 girls all wanted to watch a movie...I think the party tired them out, they all sat there quietly watching "Snow White". When Julie arrived, we had a wonderful spaghetti supper and my boys just loved having the two girls over for the day...what a treat :)! Here is the card that Julie made my son, I just loved that idea...will have to case it for future children's Birthday cards :)!! I thought she had found the dinosaur images online, and then printed them off, but she didn't...she used foam stamps and grey ink (will have to find out what kind of ink...because as I said it looked like she printed it off her computer)...pretty neat I thought :)!


Tracy.H said...

They are just too cute together!! :0)