Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More 60th Wedding Anniversary pics

Here is my dd, with her two little itty bitty pig tails...people kept calling her "Cindy Lou Who" :)! She was just chasing after my oldest son, just as I took this picture...looks like she is having a lot of fun :)!

Here are Uncle Bernie and his wife Aunt Iola (not sure of the spelling of her name, sorry if I got this wrong), Uncle Bernie is my dh's Grandfather's other brother. I am not too sure who they are talking to in this picture...I think it might be Mr. Mason's son (just a guess).

Here are my dh's Uncle Ray and Aunt Judy, Ray is my dh's dad's brother...what can I say his dad came from a large family :)! Ray is really into those model trains, he has a great set up of trains in his basement...my 2 boys love going over to their home to play with the trains with Great Uncle Ray. Aunt Judy is one of the Aunt's that I usually goto the Christmas Craft shows with :)!

Here is another picture of my dd, lol, she just finnished doing a dance and has collapsed to the floor for a brief nap. I am not too sure if she fell here to lie down, because there were a few sunny patches there, but she stayed there for a few seconds and then she was off again to dance. She actually went back to that spot on the floor a few times :)!

I am not too sure who these two ladies are, but I am once again hoping for the help from some family member who reads my blog (like Aunt Diane or Aunt Judy or Aunt Nancy).

Here are Nanny (my dh's grandmother) talking with Mrs. Peach *she is sitting down*, and Uncle Paul (Mrs. Peach's son) . I always enjoy talking to Mrs. Peach, she is always such a delight to talk to :) and I always look forward to seeing her at Aunt Diane's open house at Christmas time.

My dd was walking around the room, when all of the sudden she came to a complete stop...then she looked up at this older gentleman. I don't know who this gentleman is except that his name is Mr. Mason, and my dd isn't one for picking out strangers to pick her up and hold her, lol! Next, she raised her hands above her head which usually means pick me up and too her surprise he knew what it meant...he bent down and picked her up. She stayed in his arms for a minute or two, and I think she just might have made that older gentlemans day because he couldn't wipe the huge smile off of his face. Then she wanted to get down, and off she went...it was too cute!!

Here is the group photo of Nanny and Grandad with their children, and they are from left to right:

Stan, Bernie, Nancy, Nanny, Grandad, Diane, Ray and Andrew Paul

This next picture is of 4 generations:
Ben (my dh), Bernie, Grandad, my 2 sons in the front row