Saturday, January 26, 2008

If I can do it, so can YOU

Your card for my "Doodle Challenge" doesn't have to be magnificent, it can be simple and it is easy to let me show you a simple doodle card that I just created a few minutes ago. I went online and typed in "How to doodle" in my search engine and it came up with lots of sites that would be great to get ideas off of. I went to the "Creating Keepsakes" webpage, and cased a doodle they used to teach you how to doodle...but I think I did mine backwards. Goto a website like I did, find a doodle or two, throw them together and you have yourself a doodle card :)...add some pretty patterned paper or embellishment and you are done.

For my card I used a white sort of colored pencil, some SU Mellow Moss cardstock, and a Happy bday sentiment from a clear stamp set that I got from Michael's...I believe it was a Stampendous stamp set. Anywho, enough babbling from that you know that your doodle can be as simple as what I did...please try one yourself :)! I am going to create 4 more of these Doodle cards, or so I hope to...because I myself am not a doodler, well I do doodle but I just don't doodle often because it is out of my comfort zone. I hope to break out of that zone, and get doodling more :)!

Happy Doodling :)!!


Tracy.H said...

Looks great! I am going to get to mine this week...I need to think on it some more. ;0)

Kelly said...

This is really nice. It reminds me of a Stampin up swirl. Very well done.
Thanks for sharing.