Monday, January 14, 2008

60th Wedding Anniversary Party

My dh's Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party was yesterday afternoon, and wow what a turn out :)!! They had a bagpiper walk them in, and when they entered the room they were greeted by friends and was a complete surprise to them and they were so very touched that we would do this for them.

I thought I would share with you some pictures that I took from the party, I didn't take too many because I didn't want to get in the way of the photographer that was there for the party. However, the pictures I did take did turn out really well...except some of the group pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Guess, I need more practice with this camera!!!

This picture is my favorite one of my dd, I just happened to catch her about to stand up from one of her running/falling down games she was playing while we were there. The other game she liked to play was try to get the photographer's attention so he would take pictures of her, she would see him take a picture of someone and she would run over in front of his camera (especially if he was kneeling down). She was twirling, running, falling over, dancing, lying down all over the was too funny to watch her do this because she usually wouldn't leave my side.

Here are my dh's Aunt Diane, and Uncle Joe (he isn't married to her) they were just talking with eachother when I walked by. Thought it would be a great shot of the two of them...most of these relatives and friends we only see once in a blue moon, and so better get pictures now :). Aunt Diane is my dh's dad's sister, and Uncle Joe is my dh's Grandfather's brother...thought I would start with the easy one's and go from there. Several people I took pictures of I don't know who they are, so hopefully one of the people who were at the party and who read my blog will be able to fill in the blanks :)!

Here is Aunt Nancy (my dh's dad's other sister) and she managed to capture my dd who was trying to escape from the room where the party was being held. For some reason she had a fascination with escaping, and trying to sneak into the golf club's!

Here is my oldest son and my brother in law, they are sitting at one of the tables having a little snuggle time and a chat about something. My brother in law and his wife came down from Moncton (where they live) for the day, they are also expecting their first child at the end of May :)!
I will post more Anniversary pictures later :)!


Judy said...

The mystery ladies in the photo are Marjorie Manthorne and her daughter Janet. The older man with your dd is Joe Mason from Tancook Island. Nanny worked for his father in the island store. Uncle Bernie is dh's grandmother's brother.