Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lookie what I found :)!

I was into Walmart today, to get my dd some more diapers , I also needed a button because a button on a pair of pants that I got from "Frenchy's" (the best place for second hand clothes, if you are into that sort of thing). Anyways, while I was in their fabric section I spotted these great craft organizers :) and I thought they would be great for my ribbon...they were $5.00 each...so of course I got 2. I just had to try them out as soon as I got home, snd was thrilled to pieces that they worked wonderfully for my ribbon. Great storage for other things to I am sure :), like clear stamps or brads or whatever you would like! The lid also has a little storage compartment you can keep pens, brads...

Have a great night or day where ever you live :)!