Monday, June 16, 2008

Updates and pics

Here are the pictures that I took on my way through to Dartmouth on the old highway, the 2nd route out of the Eastern Shore area of Nova Scotia. I couldn't believe how wide the path of the forest fire was, it went on for ever it seemed...and the smell was like nothing I had ever smelled before. It didn't smell anything like a bonfire, the air was heavy with this smell, and it smelled old/musty with some smoke smell mixed in...weird smell. I just held my camera up out my window and I kept taking pictures without looking at what I was taking. I will probably go back throughout this week to take more pics, but we will see!! Apparently the 50 remaining homes were allowed to go back to their homes this afternoon, but the main highway is still blocked off with great huge heavy equipment and I am not too sure when it will re-open. I saw several bombers and helicopters still flying around, so I believe the fire is still burning out of control...I will keep you updated as I hear things.
This morning (June 17) the highways and all the roads that were closed due to the fire are now officially open :), so now I don't have to go the long way around! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the volunteers, firefighters, police and others who helped out during this very stressful weekend for over 5000 people. Also, a HUGE thank you goes out to the water bomber crews that came from away to help our area battle this huge is still burning apparently and is still out of control but it is contained.