Thursday, November 22, 2007

Had to show you this cute smile :)

Look at that cutie pie, look at that 4 toothed smile...which is now going to be like a 9 tooth smile, she is working on 5 teeth right now. Poor thing, but thank God for Camillia for teething children, it is the BEST hands down stuff to give them for teething. This cutie pie is going to be 1 on Dec. 8th, hard to believe she is going to be 1...can't wait though...get to have my first girly bday party :D! The other good news is she is slowly getting hair, it is getting longer :D..well it isn't super long right now, but in a few weeks I am sure I will have something to play with :).

This next picture is of her about a minute later of taking this first one, lol, I love this picture !! Wish she had these smiles during our photo session at Sears that we won...but she wouldn't give us a smile like these pictures. She wouldn't even sit with her older brothers for a picture, she cried uncontrollably when she sat with them. So we tried a picture with the boys by themselves, then a picture with her by herself and sure enough she was fine for the picture all by herself. She just wanted to be in her own picture, be the star of the show...she is too funny :)! We did get one picture of the children all together, but I didn't like how it turned I had to go with a picture of the boys and one of her.

My dd also is saying a few words now, and they are: Night night (which is the cutest word she says yet, besides mama of course :p, because she says Ni ni), she says horse, neigh :). Love these firsts of all my children :)!


Diana Jiron Graff said...

She is so cute and really starting to look like her brothers now that she is growing some hair. We miss you guys, get better already!

Tracy.H said...

She is a cutie!! :0)