Thursday, November 22, 2007

This weeks cardio kickboxing class

We arrived and we jumped right into our warm up/workout, we mainly worked on our upper bodies (like arms, shoulders, abs) and then we did a cool down stretching time too. Our instructor threw in a few new routines too, which were pushing me to the max that is for sure :)! After the class she told us that was an advanced class workout that she did with us, she knew we could do it but thought that if she told us she wanted to try it with us that we wouldn't go for it. Then she told us that she is putting out a challenge to both her Cardio Kickboxing classes, that if we don't gain more than a pound over the Christmas holidays that she will give that person a free personal training session or two. I am totally up for that :D! I think it isn't just the Christmas dinners that do you in, it is the pre-Christmas baking and Christmas parties that add on the poundage. I hurt my hip this feels like my left leg is a lot longer than my right, lol, feels weird...anyways it is starting to feel better because I went on a good walk 3 times since my Cardio night. Well, that's it from me for now...going to be making some cards today I think, will post them later :D! Hope all is well with you all :)!