Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rant # 2

So the other day I found the new "Creating Keepsake" December 2007 issue at the store, so I got it...I flipped through the pages and came across this nifty thing ( a must have in my books) and I got very very excited. The one in the magazine was white though, not a big deal...so I look in the article to see where they got it from. Hurray I noticed that it was from IKEA (what a great store with great things to buy), so I hurried as fast as my fingers could type over to the IKEA site for Canada. I typed it in, I looked in every nook and cranny of that stie...no Sonne Cabinet (that is what it is called). I then hurried over to the "Contact us" button, sent off an e-mail... and wait patiently for a reply...and wait....and wait. Then I get a reply, but the pictures they sent me and were telling me about wasn't the one I was talking about...plus, they told me they didn't carry anymore of these in any of their Canadian store because Sonne doesn't make them anymore (so they say). I wrote back saying that the one's they sent me pictures of wasn't the right one...they sent me back a reply saying that if I had read the e-mail that they don't make Sonne anymore since October 2007. Nice, real nice I thought...burst my bubble why don't you!

I get an idea of going to the "Creating Keepsakes" magazine site, sending them an e-mail...to see if they had any information...still waiting on a reply, will let you know what I find out from them. It just frustrates me when people are promoting an item, like in a magazine that (a) is available in Canada and U.S. or (b) that isn't discontinued. I know it isn't the magazine's fault, I am sure they didn't know it was going to be discontinued (let's hope they didn't know)...still frustrating for the lil ol' Canadians :p. I think I figured out how to get one of these now, just have to make one or two friends in the States that has an Ikea near them :p or go there myself and haul it home...tee hee. Well, that is it for me for now...hope you have a great night. No more rants for awhile :D! Lol, for a second there I felt like Rick Mercer...am not as good as he is...