Friday, November 2, 2007

Your Friendly Enabler here :p!

I was out at Walmart looking for a raincoat for my 5 year old son, because he has outgrown his favorite "Search and Rescue" raincoat (it looks like a coat a fire fighter would wear). Walmart didn't even carry or have any raincoats at all...none in spring, none in fall and none now (nice eh?). While I was there I had to look for some other things, so I went into their Scrapbooking section and guess what I found :D!! I found Autumn Leaves patterned paper (100 sheets for $9.oo), and those patterned paper is 12*12 in case that matters to you. They also had the 8 1/2*11 too I think. Anyways, I got to stacks of it..I got the "Smitten" stack and the "Kaleidoscope" stack. BEAUTIFUL paper, and what a great dea...better than Michael's :p! So RUN RUN RUN to your local Walmart as fast as you can before all the other scrapbookers get there and stock up.
From there I went to Sears, to see if they would have a raincoat *sigh* they only had "Water repelent" raincoats (can't call it a rain coat then can you?) Call it a condenstion free coat or something more suitable. Guess they aren't making your usual good sturdy actual good for a downpour kind of raincoat, no more playing in the rain...not unless it is a mist :p! Oh I am bad...but it is true, they don't make them anymore...if they do they do a shotty job at it. I gave in and got a cool looking "water repelent" coat for my son and I hope it works. Lol, guess he can give it a good work out this weekend with our big dangerous storm (that is what the radio hosts are calling it) hurricane Noel over the weekend. Guess we are going to get a good punch from it, so I am frantically running around trying to get everything wash done, extra water, cans of soup and that sort of thing. My dh seems to be excited because he thinks we will get to use our new generator this weekend, I on the other hand am NOT excited at all about that thought. Have a super day and ty for all your great comments :)!


Donna said...

I used to be a parenting educator for 7 years. His behavior is pretty normal, but yes, it does need to be handled. The punishment, if there even needs to be one should always fit the crime. No movie for acting up in the movie store is perfect. Taking security/comfort objects from a child is unduly distressing to an already distressed child and is not connected at all to what they did. Make the consequences logical. If you throw food, meal time is over. If you scream in the store you are immediately removed and do not get to go next time.

I am not sure if your child is closer to 3 or to 5, but if he is verbal, when he is calm talk to him and have him figure out what he thinks should be done when he does not obey or when he tantrums. You might be surprised at how insightful they can be. My son would actually timeout himself based on his own assessment of his behavior. Dr. Brazelton has some excellent books out there that help with these things too. Do not punish if working with him another way works.