Monday, November 12, 2007

Netty's blog Candy winnings

Just as promised, here is what Netty won:

She won 5 See D's stamp sets, that I picked up from my favorite little stomping grounds called "Carousel Rubberstamp store" and they are my favorite place to go when I don't have the children. The ladies who work in this store are very good when it comes to product reviews, or when it comes to helping you out with some technique you are having problems with and they have a great little collection of stamps. Sorry this picture is dark, it wasn't dark on my camera when I took the picture and sorry for the fact it is sideways :(!

That upper stamp set that you can't make out, is a Christmas one...going to have to get a better picture of these for you...let me try again and get back to you....because this is an unacceptable picture!