Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This post is NOT for Alissa's eyes

Lol, this next card I just had to post because I said I would...and I couldn't wait to post it!! It is a card for my sil's (sister in law's) Birthday that was the other day, and so I can't wait for her to get it in the mail...it would take a few days to get to her. Sorry, Alissa couldn't wait to show everyone this card :)!

For this card I used brown chocolate chip cardstock that I got from Carousel, and the next layer I used "American Craft" paper called "The Color of Memories" (LOVE this cardstock). I used a scrap piece of blue cardstock that I had from previous projects, and a scrap piece of white flat cardstock that I also got from Carousel. The sentiment came from the NEW clear acryllic $1.50 stamps from Michael's, love that font that the sentiment came from :)! I attached both the sentiment and the blue cardstock on the card base using the "Mini Pop Dots", thought it would make the card stand out more. Anyways, there's the recipe for this card :)!

Just an update on my grandmother, she had the nurse call my mother this morning, then she told my mom that she needed my dad right away. So my mom called my Dad on the cell phone, told him to forget doing his errands and goto the hospital...when he got there it she was just lying there, out of it...as if she hadn't called at all. She had no idea why she had called, the nurses had no idea why he had to get there right away either...poor Oma :(! The dr said she will pass away in the next 2 days...


Tracy.H said...

Great card! Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Must be hard for all of you...you are in my thoughts. :0)