Friday, November 9, 2007

Xmas wood $1.5o stamps at Michael's

I was at Michael's today picking up 2 small cardboard boxes (they are white in color, and for altering), to make a card holder for 2 people one of them being my son's teacher. While I was there, I found the new Michael's wood mounted $1.50 stamps...they are cute, but I dunno if I would say that they are "must have's". I did like these one's that I picked out though :)!

I also wanted to get some of that beaded garland that I have seen places, or even some sprigs with red berries on it...but they wanted $40 at Michael's and my neighbour told me goto Wicker Emporium (so that is where I am going to go I think). When I was at the cash the girl told me about Studio G's new Xmas set that should be coming soon (fingers crossed), but she of course didn't know when. Oh well, at least this girl knew something :P!


Tejal said...

I really like these stamps..especially the snowflakes..I've always been fascinated by snowflakes..since it never snows in my part of the world..I just love them..