Friday, November 30, 2007

And then there were 2...

Last night Julie had invited a few of us crafty card making ladies over to have some crafty time, which I was in serious need of. I was the only one out of the 3 that she had invited to show up, but either way we had a lot of fun.

See I had purchased some of these white boxes to alter, so I could put in some of my handmade greeting cards and envelopes...sort of use it as a nice card box. My problem is that I don't have one of those minds that can have the picture of the box, then wrap the box with the paper all in my head (like my dh)...I have to sit there and ruin several pieces of paper until I get it right. Anyways, I ran to the "Queen of Altering things" and had her help me last night alter one box, so then I could run home and do 3 more of these boxes...I did have redo some of the sides again due to errors. Lol, so then I felt this box I did last night needed something Julie and I raided her stamp collection to find the perfect stamp to go with the patterned paper that was on my box. We found the stamp set (sorry can't remember what it was) but I like it a lot now, and is on my next thing to get list I think...and I stamped the image and cut it out. I mounted my stamped image on some Bravo Burgandy cardstock I had with me, using some mini pop up dots...Julie then suggested adding another layer under the burgandy layer. So I did just that, I added another layer (Mello Moss) and then she felt it needed yet another I added a Gold layer too. It still didn't look what I was looking for...but I still might use it on the box. I don't needs something, any suggestions from any of you?? Should I leave it or add something to it?? Lol, and no Julie no more layers...tee hee...maybe just one more...

I got the boxes from Michael's, they were on sale for like $2-$3 and so you can see why I just couldn't walk away from them. I also got the patterned paper from Michael's too, and yes I did use my coupon...that's the only time I do go is if I have one on me.

Tracy to answer your question as to where I got the "Chai Latte" stamp set, I got it from my favorite stamp store "Carousel Rubber Stamps" it is a great little store here in my area that I frequent a fair bit. Well, that's it for this post I think :)!