Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Cards I made last night at Julie's

Last night Julie invited us over to her place to have a crafty night, just to be crafty and work on some projects that we otherwise wouldn't be able to work on (some of us have little helping hands). In the end it was just Val and myself there with Julie, but that is okay we still had fun and I actually was able to make 2 cards while I was there...not sold on my second card I made though...isn't sitting right.

My first card is for my father, we will be having a family bday party next week
end for 5 family members and he is one of them. My parents brought me back this gorgeous train stamp from Chatanooga (sorry if spelling isn't right), so I thought I would use it on his card.  Turned out pretty good, might add something else to it....just not sure what yet!!!  
As for my second card, I had a great idea...but to me it sorta flopped, but I still wanted to post it anyways :)!  Sorry the picture is dark, don't know why it is dark...grrr!!  Will have several more cards to show you later today, after I get back from my meeting at my son's school. Don't worry my son isn't in trouble, just going to a transition  meeting for my middle child who will be starting primary in the fall. Will let you know how that goes :p!