Sunday, September 2, 2007

Michael's s $1.5o stamps

I found some new Michael's $1.5o stamp sets yesterday when I was out, and they had a pile left...this would be the Michael's at the Dartmouth Crossings and not the one out in Bayers Lake area. I just love "Hip, Hip, Horray" set, the "Friends Forever" set and the "Just For you" set and the "Happy Birthday set" oh heck...I LOVE them all :P! Oh yeah, they aren't in the usual spot in the multi leveled basket....they are in the long bin unit as you come in the door to the left...and are in the side that is closest to the door.


Tracy.H said...

I just bought the Hip Hip Hooray one and the balloon bday set too this week! I have already used the swirls from the Hip Hip' em! Have fun! :0)