Thursday, September 27, 2007

My exciting computer update, actually not that exciting :p

Well, I got my computer is like new...hurray, well new in the sense non of my brothers Aramaic files or Latin software is there anymore :D! This computer used to be my brother's until he upgraded to some new Apple computer, and he gave me this one because he knew how much better his was. My brother took Theology in University, and is a very very intellegent, when he was in University he took aramaic, Latin, Greek etc...he is now teaching my nephew who is 9 some Greek or Latin. Anyways, I am now in the process of getting my e-mail up and running and several other programs that I had added on to the computer before it went in to get a re-installation. I will be posting some pics soon of my new drafting table...before shots that is...not after...getting some beautiful stamps tonight and will start stamping tomorrow sometime I think :D!
I gotta run, looking after Julies children tonight so she can goto the fun cirriculum night at her older daughter's (my older son's fiance) school. Then I get to stay late, because Julie is also hosting a SU party tonight...tee excited am I???

Well, I will ttyl and I hope you are all doing fine :)! Oh, since I am here...Cathy I mailed out your goodies today :)!!!