Friday, September 28, 2007

SU night at Julies

Last night I went to Julie's for a SU night, we made 3 different cards last night and they were all a lot of fun to make. It was neat last night one side of the table there were the more experienced stampers, then there were some who either were newbies or had some experience but not a lot. The side I was on made one card, while the other side made a different card...the funny thing was that the side that was newer at the card making thing got their first card done really fast. Whereas, we took a bit to get our first card was all the ribbons fault that we had to thread the ribbon threw the holes once and then again through the same holes. We all had fun making these cards, no matter what level of card making experience we had :)!

The first card that my side of the table made, was a very beautiful Christmas card and I must say that I was REALLY looking forward to making this card just because I hadn't really decided on what card to make for my Christmas card. Yes, I know I made one the other day that I claimed was going to be my xmas card...but then I spied this card...oh what the heck...I will do both :p!

The second card that my side of the table made was made using "Pumpkin pie" SU cardstock as the base of our card, and "Green Galore" as our second layer of our card, and finally the last layer was the glossy SU paper. We took our glossy paper, stamped the trees from the "Lovely As a Tree" set using the VersaMark onto our glossy cardstock and then we used the Spectrum pad and a wheel to wheel our colors over top of our stamped image. Next, we stamped the "Happy Thanksgiving" sentiment onto our glossy carstock with a few stamped images of leaves using black SU ink and then we attached the glossy cardstock onto the "Green Galore" cardstock. Then we attached those two, to the "Pumpkin pie" cardstock base and Voila card number two done :)!

The final card that we made we used "Bashful Blue" cardstock as our card base, then we stamped snowflakes onto our white cardstock using the "Bashful Blue" SU ink pad and then attached it to the card base. Next, we stamped "Happy Holidays" sentiment onto another piece of white cardstock using the same Bashful blue ink pad, then attached them onto the snoflake stamped card base. We then took a small chipboard frame and covered it with some patterned paper, then sanded the edges of the frame. We then took a scrap piece of white cardstock and stamped a nowman image onto it using Bashful blue ink, then colored in the snowman using SU markers. We then attached the snowman onto the chipboard piece, then attached them both to the front of the card...onto the snowflake stamped cardstock. I must say that I also really loved this card too, and it was my first time using chipboard on a card...I must say I might have to use it a bit more :D!

I was so happy though because I got my Lizzie Anne Design stamp set "Jolies Fleurs" from Kim Prince, and this is the stamp set I will be using on my drafting table. I am sooooooooexcited about getting the table done, but it will have to wait because I have a few other projects on the go right now.


rebecca said...

What a great bunch of cards! Peacful Wishes, Lovely as a Tree, and the Happy Holidays sentiment are some of my favorite stamps. Sounds like a fun night out.

Julie Mutch said...

I'm glad you had fun! I had a lot of fun, too! I really liked the chipboard card that we did and the peaceful wishes card, even though I smeared my glitter! Sigh! lol :)

Kim's comin' over again this Wed night to stamp, if you're interested. 7 pm. We're doing Xmas cards.