Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More coasters

Here are a few more different coasters of the 6 sets of 6 that I did over the weekend :)! I am done all 6 sets, wow...took me Sunday night and all day Monday at about 3 p.m. to do all the coasters. I dropped them off at her house last night, and I hope to have them there at her shop sometime today or tomorrow :D!

This first coaster I used Baroque Motif stamp set ( I borrowed from Julie, but I have this stamp set on order right now), but I used the "Brilliance dew drop" ink to stamp the fower. It turned out a lot better than the purple "Stayzon" ink, and the Stayzon" ran together and didn't create a crisp image. Don't get me wrong it still looked good, but it just looked better with the lighter ink and sorry this image is sideways didn't notice until I uploaded it.

This coaster was stamped with archival ink, but it took too long to dry and I wasn't happy with the color of the flower...it was too orangy I thought....but other than that I am very happy how it turned out...made it look antique like :D! Those were the only two different coasters I made...the others looked like the one's I posted the other day.... Hope you liked them :D!

Have a super day :)! *sniff, sniff* my son starts Primary tomorrow, and he doesn't want me to meet him at the school...he said "Don't worry mommy I will always come home to you at the end of my day!" Lol, what a sweetie pie :)!