Saturday, September 22, 2007

Out of the Mouths of babes

Yesterday morning myself, my middle son who is 3 and my lil dd were invited over to Julie's house for a playdate. Julie and I were standing in her kitchen talking, enjoying some yogurt and our morning coffees as our middle children ran around and played. Next thing, my son comes up the stairs from her basement and starts talking about Julie's he wants Julie to get the kitty and put it somewhere. Out of the blue in the middle of a sentence about the kitty, he says the following "I have a penis!"...then continued on about the kitty all in one breath. Lol, Julie responded "Yes, you do!" It was a good thing that I didn't have coffee in my mouth because I would have choked...then he went by me and started working on a "Dora Puzzle" on her fridge. We tried to not laugh when he was watching, but that only made it worse and I laughed so hard I started to least it was at Julie's and not at the bank or middle of the grocery store. never know what these little one's will say..I can only imagine what we all said in public when we were little to mortify our parents.


Julie Mutch said...

LOL I'm still roaring laughing when I think about it! Their love of that body part starts at a young age, eh? lol :)

Tracy.H said...

Too funny!! But like you least you were at Julie's and not in line at the grocery store or something! :0)